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Multicolored Number Candles, 0-9

Multicolored Number Candles, 0-9

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Bring a burst of color to your customers celebrations with this Multicolored Number 0-9 Birthday Candle Starter Set by Talking Tables. Perfect as cake decorations for a kids birthday party, use on their own or mix and match with other numbers to get your desired age. Our number candles are also available in silver, gold, blue and pink. Top up with our individual candle numbers when you run out! Each starter kit contains 30 candles: 6 x Number 0 Candle 4 x Number 1 Candle 4 x Number 2 Candle 3 x Number 3 Candle 3 x Number 4 Candle 2 x Number 5 Candle 2 x Number 6 Candle 2 x Number 7 Candle 2 x Number 8 Candle 2 x Number 9 Candle
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